Cheese & Pirates

14 June, 2013 by katelaity

Mmmm, cheese…

K. A. Laity

Fox Pockets PiracyWhat do cheese and pirates have in common?

Both are salty!

Okay, maybe that’s not a very good joke. Sue me! I don’t know why cheese and pockets and pirates became so important to The Mangrove Legacy but as I go through the line edits for the new edition (yes, I know it was edited before — amazing how many details you can miss in a 120,000 word novel O.O) I remember again how much fun I had writing the book.

So when Adele started cajoling us to write very short stories for the Fox Pocket anthologies, there’s no surprise (is there?) that “Kit Marlowe” wrote a story that mentioned both, as well as a very strange beast that’s somehow ended up on Black Ethel’s ship.

Adele seems happy with the results and with all our contributions to the Pockets. And she’s been encouraging writers to blog on…

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