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  1. Absolute Twaddle: Fen Phantom

    2 November, 2021 by katelaity

    Fen Phantom Sorry to disturb you But you’re treading on my gown. I know it’s nearly midnight And not to …
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  2. Out Now: LOVE from @FoxSpiritBooks

    13 April, 2021 by katelaity

    Originally posted on K. A. Laity:
    LOVE edited by Chloë Yates Love. That many-splendoured thing. It can move mountains and make fools…

  3. Absolute Twaddle: Lawyers

    23 March, 2021 by katelaity

    THE LAW PROFESSION The law is an ass Said Mr Bumble And he wasn’t the first (Was it Chapman or …
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  4. Buy Mangrove at the Bookshop

    27 January, 2021 by katelaity

    Buy The Mangrove Legacy at, the independent bookstore aggregator. Or have your local book shop order it through the …
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  5. Author Spotlight Friday – Kit Marlowe

    29 October, 2020 by katelaity

    Originally posted on Annie's Book Stop of Worcester:
    Annie’s Book Stop of Worcester is very happy to shine our Friday spotlight on Author Kit…

  6. Absolute Twaddle: The Bore

    20 October, 2020 by katelaity

    THE BORE Please, sir, don’t be a boor. Don’t come knocking at my door. I won’t see you anymore. You …
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  7. Absolute Twaddle: Nightmares

    29 September, 2020 by katelaity

    NIGHTMARES We’re keeping to our houses, We’re hiding in the dark; Never now to wander out Or canter through the …
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  8. Absolute Twaddle: Jester

    11 August, 2020 by katelaity

    JESTER We call upon the jester To bring us jollity; When our dark thoughts fester We crave a laughter jubilee. …
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  9. The Curious Incident of the Cheese at the Right Time

    21 July, 2020 by katelaity

    My forthcoming Fox Spirit novel The Mangrove Legacy includes a surprisingly intense interest in cheese — far more than the …
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  10. Gothic Love

    14 July, 2020 by katelaity

    What does Gothic mean to you? Enclosed spaces, family secrets, medieval ruins, forbidden love? The literature called Gothic was in …
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