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23 June, 2013 by katelaity


Here’s the author reading from her latest publication in the Fox Spirit Books Fox Pockets anthology Pirates. Here’s a description of the collection:

They say worse things happen at sea and here is the proof. From the perils of stealing dreams to the danger of your own imagination welcome to Piracy. Here are tales of the high seas, the skies and even space, filled with fierce women, strange beasts and adventure.

Piracy is the first of the Fox Pockets book series.

Three of the stories are presently available from our free fiction page and prompted the creation of the series.


Becalmed – Den Patrick
The Trouble With Daydreams – Catherine Hill
Black Ethel’s Beast – Kit Marlowe
No Quarter – Rahne Sinclair
Leave the Pistol Behind – Chloe Yates
Past Lives – Jenny Barber
Nora – Margrét Helgadóttir
Plunder – Francesca Terminiello
Insurgent – Christian D’Amico
Geronimo – T.F. Grant
Pieces of 2^3 – Rob Haines
The Real Deal – Ruth Booth
True to The Song – Asher Wismer
Silvermelt – Emma Teichmann
Skyway – K.C.Shaw
X Marks the Spot – S.J. Caunt


[Your humble narrator is traveling this week and will return with another installment in Airships & Alchemy next week.]


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