Kathryn ‘Kit’ Marlowe is a writer of historical fiction with a good bit of humour (because what is life without laughter?). There are those who say she’s secretly an English professor who writes under other names. You can find her on Facebook, too. Her lovely author portrait was created by the fabulous artist S. L. Johnson.

As Kit Marlowe, her writing is both historical and comic, including the really very silly gothic novel The Mangrove Legacy and her madcap jazz age novella series The World of Constance and Collier. Her short story “Black Ethel’s Beast” takes place in the world of The Mangrove Legacy and can be found in the Fox Spirit Books anthology¬†Piracy. Her short story “The Ransom of Red Witch” can be found in Things in the Dark.

You may also read her novel, Airships & Alchemy, an historical adventure set during the Paris Exposition of 1867 and featuring magic, mayhem, mechanicals and beasts of various size. Her new serial is The Height of Absurdity and can be read on this blog (also on Wattpad).

 Airships & Alchemy Cover The Height of Absurdity 1

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