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Helen Rochester has a dream: unveiling her airship at the Paris Exposition of 1867. It’s sure to make a splash. But her interfering father wants to chaperone the journey — and she has doubts about the Italian alchemist. He has promised a revolutionary new fuel but why does he need the winged Venetian lion?

From the author of the comic Gothic novel The Mangrove Legacy and the Breton Lais series, Airships & Alchemy  brings you magic, mayhem, mechanicals — and beasts of various sizes!

What the critics say about Kit Marlowe:
     “Heartily recommended to anyone who has a sense of humour!”  
     “Witty and clever!”

“If you love witty steampunk adventure, you really need to read this. And did I mention a lion in a fez who loves pancakes? Do yourself a favor and pick it up!” ~ David Schmidt

from The Women’s League of Ale Drinkers: Purveyors of Superior Amusements

Cover art & book design by S. L. Johnson Images

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