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  1. Interlude: Mermaid Tales

    30 October, 2018 by katelaity

    I wouldn’t steer you wrong, my dearie, But I see the way you yearn. You think that men are fascinating …
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  2. Riding with Nicnevin

    9 May, 2017 by katelaity

    The Scottish version of Hecate (at least according to some) rides with a company of ‘weird sisters’ in the night, …
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  3. Interlude: Isobel & the Fairie Queene

    25 April, 2017 by katelaity

    When Isobel met the Fairie Queene To know the secrets she was keen; But the Gentry have to test one …
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  4. The Height of Absurdity: The Train 2.5

    1 March, 2016 by katelaity

    The gentleman sighed as if the memory haunted him still. ‘It was rather unexpected for they were leaving for Liverpool …
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  5. 11.5 Unexpected Breakfast

    21 July, 2013 by katelaity

    Despite Mme. Gabor’s misgivings it was soon settled that the Rochesters, père et fille, would lodge in the rooms while …
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  6. 8.8 The Demon

    16 September, 2012 by katelaity

    “Who was it?” Maggiormente asked, but Eduardo shushed him with one huge paw. Myojo did not seem to notice the …
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  7. 8.3 Child’s Play

    29 July, 2012 by katelaity

    Eduardo stared. “There must be laws against such a thing!” Maggiormente and Myojo laughed. “Unless lions have joined the legal …
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  8. 8.2 Meeting Myojo

    15 July, 2012 by katelaity

    “This way,” a voice hissed as an arm grabbed Maggiormente’s and drew him away from the angry workmen and their …
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  9. Dundee Dragon

    7 November, 2011 by katelaity

    How can you not love a city so full of magic? The Dundee dragon curls around a lamp post down …
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