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  1. Paying a Visit

    11 October, 2022 by katelaity

    I am at present visiting Eduardo’s hometown. There is enough cake to make him happy. And many images of his …
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  2. Ghost Films: The Ghost Goes West

    13 September, 2022 by katelaity

    My students are enjoying René Clair’s I Married a Witch this week, so I was looking around for other Clair …
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  3. Cinema Gothique: A Place of One’s Own (1945)

    7 June, 2022 by katelaity

    Based on the novel of the same name by Edith Sitwell’s brother Osbert this film was recommended to me after …
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  4. Absolute Twaddle: Spectre or Rector?

    12 April, 2022 by katelaity

    Spectre or Rector? Are you a ghost or are you a spectre? Do you instruct or merely hector? Is your …
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  5. Absolute Twaddle: Spirits

    1 March, 2022 by katelaity

    SPIRITS SURROUND US Hush–do you not hear? Spirits gather near. Some might mean us harm, Though others employ charm. Time …
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  6. Absolute Twaddle: Give Me Gothic

    8 February, 2022 by katelaity

    GIVE ME GOTHIC Give me Gothic, give me darkness, Give me ghosts that wail for love. Give me spooky rustic …
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  7. Absolute Twaddle: Fairy Book Club


    11 January, 2022 by katelaity

    FAIRY BOOK CLUB For advice on readings airy, Always ask a fairy. For recommendations from a satyr, Your caution must …
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  8. Absolute Twaddle: Fen Phantom

    2 November, 2021 by katelaity

    Fen Phantom Sorry to disturb you But you’re treading on my gown. I know it’s nearly midnight And not to …
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  9. Absolute Twaddle: Mary’s Ghost

    12 October, 2021 by katelaity

    Mary’s Ghost: A Pathetic Ballad No, don’t mind me at all; Just a little haunting for you. You don’t have …
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  10. Squid Tango

    21 September, 2021 by katelaity

    SQUID TANGO ‘Take care with my tentacles!’ the squid wheezed But the whale was in a muddle and didn’t realise …
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