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  1. Interlude: Happy as a Child

    13 November, 2018 by katelaity

    Happy as a child! A state we long to reach. Simplicity and love The lessons that we preach. Yet when …
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  2. The Height of Absurdity: Orkney 4.2

    24 May, 2016 by katelaity

    By stages we made our way to the northern edge of the land. Unfortunately I was left with the vague …
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  3. The Height of Absurdity: Penzance 3.1

    8 March, 2016 by katelaity

    Penzance The next morning at our inn I arose and made my usual ablutions, ready for a day of adventure. …
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  4. The Height of Absurdity: The Train 2.5

    1 March, 2016 by katelaity

    The gentleman sighed as if the memory haunted him still. ‘It was rather unexpected for they were leaving for Liverpool …
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  5. The Height of Absurdity: The Train 2.4

    23 February, 2016 by katelaity

    ‘I was a clerk in a shipping magnate’s office as a young man, looking to learn the ropes then to …
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  6. The Height of Absurdity: The Train 2.3

    16 February, 2016 by katelaity

    We enjoyed a bit of privacy for a time and chatted in a meandering way about this and that finding …
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  7. The Height of Absurdity: The Train 2.1

    2 February, 2016 by katelaity

    More adventures of an absurd nature with Tansy Popkin who was neither a man nor a woman

  8. The Height of Absurdity: The Wager 1.3

    19 January, 2016 by katelaity

    ‘How much?’ Tansy asked with a careless air. It made me wonder again at his background. Chelsea seemed a rather …
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  9. Out Now: Airships & Alchemy ebook


    18 August, 2015 by katelaity

    Available now: Join the adventures of Helen Rochester, her raven Tuppence, the alchemist Maggiormente, his Venetian lion Eduardo, and the …
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  10. Out Now: Knight of the White Hart


    20 January, 2015 by katelaity

    Knight of the White Hart by Kathryn Marlowe Guigemar is a Breton knight who fights alongside King Arthur. His excels …
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