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e835f0c8e581393be330f161ed0f52f5Based on actual medieval romances, these stories show why ‘romance’ meant adventure in the Middle Ages.

COMING 2021!

Book One: KNIGHT OF THE WHITE HART  (based on Marie de France’s Guigemar)

Reviews via Amazon:

5starAt once, with the high romance and idealistic notions of medieval knighthood – this is a tale replete with the grandeur of nobility and the steadfast resolve of a Knight who has to learn his lesson the hard way; that Love is not merely a fancy for the Tales but a cause worth hardship and sacrifice…With a languorously detailed attention to the exacting lengths of dialogue required to convey the fullest praise and most delicate turn of phrase worthy of such a valorous Tale (see what I did there?), Marlowe pulls of a most enchanting and hopeful tale. Amor vincit omnia, indeed.

Reviews via Net Galley:

“An Arthurian legend that has you smiling from the first page. I was a little worried I’d be reading a Beauty and the Beast re-write, but what follows is a story told  in the chivalric romance style. With courtly and chivalrous themes as well as an appearance of Sir Gawain, its fairy tale nature attempts to pull you along.”

“A harmonious blend of legend, myth and magic. Knight of the White Hart by Kathryn Marlowe is an interesting medieval novel that took me back to Camelot. This particular book is about a Breton knight who served in Arthur’s court; it is a story about love, the value of life and the courage to learn about oneself through natural human flaws of arrogance and importance.”

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Book Two: Blood Moon, based on Marie de France’s Bisclavret

BL werewolf

Book Three: Sir Orfeo, based on the anonymous Middle English version of a Breton tale

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