Cast of Characters

  • Helen Rochester, a young woman of adventurous desires
  • Pietro Romano, an Italian engineer of airships
  • Tuppence, Helen’s raven
  • Edward, Helen’s father
  • Belial, his horse
  • Cerberus, his dog
  • Jane, Helen’s mother
  • Fairfax, Helen’s older brother
  • Edmund, Helen’s younger brother
  • Thompson, their head groom
  • Mrs. Hitchcock (née Wood), their housekeeper
  • Alessandro Maggiormente, an Italian alchemist
  • Eduardo, his familiar (a Venetian lion)
  • Édouard Manet, a painter
  • Berthe Morisot, a painter
  • The Linton Twins, Edgar and Israel, rival airship pilots (and their sister Charlotte, who has inadvisedly formed a passion for the oblivious Edmund Rochester)
  • Mme. Gabor, the Parisian concierge
  • Gustave, a Parisian poet
  • Alain Fabien, a baker
  • The baker’s daughter, Brigitte
  • The baker’s wife, Adèle
  • Maurice Delon, a mechanic
  • Myojo, a Japanese magician
  • Seito, her bird
  • Mathilde Belcoeur, journaliste
  • M. Piéton, an official of the Exposition

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