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  1. Interlude: The Woman from Neasden

    20 March, 2018 by katelaity

    There was a young woman from Neasden, Who inherited an old cheddar cheese tonne. She rolled it uphill To the …
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  2. Interlude: Isobel & the Fairie Queene

    25 April, 2017 by katelaity

    When Isobel met the Fairie Queene To know the secrets she was keen; But the Gentry have to test one …
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  3. Cast Our Lines

    23 July, 2016 by katelaity

    I’m not here And you’re not there, Not that it matters at all. I thought I’d write, But you were …
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  4. Out Now: Knight of the White Hart


    20 January, 2015 by katelaity

    Knight of the White Hart by Kathryn Marlowe Guigemar is a Breton knight who fights alongside King Arthur. His excels …
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  5. Blood Moon: A Third Taste

    23 November, 2014 by katelaity

    [A snippet from my NaNoWriMo project, the first draft of my new medieval adventure based on Marie de France’s Bisclavret] …
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  6. NaNoWriMo: Blood Moon, another snippet

    16 November, 2014 by katelaity

    Bisclavret rose with a sense of foreboding. It was probably nothing more than the heaviness of the late meal which …
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  7. NaNoWriMo: Blood Moon

    9 November, 2014 by katelaity

    Here’s a little taste from the opening of the first draft of my new medieval adventure, Blood Moon, which is based …
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  8. Airships & Alchemy 14.3 – Dramatic and Foolhardy

    26 October, 2014 by katelaity

    Everyone laughed. Eduardo couldn’t tell whether to be pleased by their mirth, but he chose to think it was in …
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  9. Airships & Alchemy 14.1 Every Confidence

    12 October, 2014 by katelaity

    It was the day of the great race. Paris seemed to have taken the matter to heart and the papers …
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  10. Flying Back to Paris

    5 October, 2014 by katelaity

    Assuming all things fall into place I will begin the last chapter of the serial next week. It’s been a …
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