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  1. Vintage Valentine

    14 February, 2016 by katelaity

    From the family archives an early 20th C American valentine. Interesting to see the second person familiar used. It must …
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  2. Steampunk Fair in Troy NY

    14 September, 2015 by katelaity

    I just found out about this yesterday, but I’m looking forward to finding out more. At the very least I …
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  3. The Plan, Such As It Is

    3 June, 2015 by katelaity

    I have been neglectful of conveying news but I should alert you to forthcoming bounty: I plan to wrap up …
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  4. On the Radio Feb 25

    23 February, 2015 by katelaity

    I’ll be on the radio along with lots of the Tirgearr folks when we join Dellani’s Tea Time to chat …
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  5. Getting Medieval


    6 September, 2014 by katelaity

    I just inked the contract with Tirgearr Publishing for the first of a proposed series of medieval adventure novels based …
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  6. The Big Spin will be out September 12th!

    24 June, 2014 by katelaity

    Apologies for no episode this week — very busy weekend in Leicester networking and indulging (well, one make you crave …
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  7. Interlude: Neglected Saints #869

    1 June, 2014 by katelaity

    Name: Saint Edmund Status: King of East Anglia in ninth century Bio: Killed by Vikings (“Danes” though the English tend …
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  8. Sneak Peak: The Big Spin

    25 May, 2014 by katelaity

    Constance & Collier return! This time our heroine faces the perhaps predictable problems with the lusty Mr. Wood, while her …
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  9. Out Now (Really!): The Big Splash

    20 January, 2014 by katelaity

    Out now after last week’s unexpected glitch! The Big Splash Introducing the world of Constance & Collier It’s London in …
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  10. Inspiration for The Big Splash

    12 January, 2014 by katelaity

    The Big Splash, my jazz age novella is out this Thursday from Tirgearr Publishing. While I plan the next novella, …
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