Absolute Twaddle: Give Me Gothic

8 February, 2022 by katelaity

A bleak vista with a gothic castle, a small ship in wild waves, and a couple of small figures at the shore.
Conway Castle, North Wales (via British Library)


Give me Gothic, give me darkness,

Give me ghosts that wail for love.

Give me spooky rustic dungeons

And screams with silence from above.

Give me secrets from mad history

And families haunted by the blood

Spilled by murderous ancestors,

Unexpected corpses who then thud;

Wailing winds and tempests’ fury

Sudden gasps at graveside digs

Secret heirs, consumptive daughters

Sombre priests in fancy rigs

And buried in the churchyard

Something never to be told

Demons, ghosts and witches

Thrills that never will grow old.

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