Poetry for the Equinox

22 September, 2020 by katelaity

I am bereft of words lately, so I share one of Mr William Dunbar’s poems, as I am certain he will not mind. Feeling often neglected in his own time, I hope this may make some amends to keep his memory fresh.

Wiliam Dunbar
‘Of the Changes of Life’

I seik about this warld unstabille
To find ane sentence convenabille,
Bot I can nocht in all my wit
Sa trew ane sentence fynd of it,
As say, it is dessaveabille.

For yisterday I did declair
Quhow that the seasoun soft and fair
Com in als fresche as pako fedder;
This day it stangis lyk ane edder,
Concluding all in my contrair.

Yisterday fair up sprang the flouris;
This day thai ar all slane with schouris,
And fowllis in forrest that sang cleir
Now walkis with a drery cheir,
Full caild ar baith thair beddis and bouris.

So nixt to symmer wyntir bene,
Nixt efter confort, cairis kene,
Nixt dirk mednycht the mirthefull morrow,
Nixt efter joy aye cumis sorrow.
So is this warld and ay hes bene.

Summer next to winter: feeling it this week as the chill nights give way to warm days. I am grateful for the cooler weather as my heart still yearns to be back in Scotland. Perhaps I can make my escape soon…

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