Absolute Twaddle: The Burglar’s Wife

12 May, 2020 by katelaity

burglars wife
The Burglar’s Wife

Such a life for the burglar’s wife!

She can never hold her head up high.

Her larcenous mate who lies in wait,

To steal your goodies by and by,

Is full of charm but means to harm

The innocent in their homes.

They would be aghast and turn at last

From the one who nightly roams.

But the truth is rare even over there,

The secrets are never explained:

It is he who dares, who sneaks up stairs —

But she who is the brains!


[Many thanks as always to the treasure trove of royalty-free images at the British Library Flickr account: this one from “Thrilling Life Stories for the Masses” by Ethel P. Crowther, 1892.]

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