Air BnB: Castle Otranto

11 February, 2020 by katelaity

castle ruins
I had long been looking forward to visiting this romantic getaway destination. It is truly legendary amongst travellers who enjoy atmosphere more than mod cons. Five stars for accuracy of description. The crumbling ruins were so picturesque! The tower was occupied but we were able to admire it from afar (a little alarmed by the shouts coming from the tower but everyone enjoys a holiday in their own fashion. The underground church was everything I had hoped.

Location: five stars! It was like something out of a favourite novel.

Check-in went smoothly but I sensed an undertone of anxiety amongst the staff. Probably it was the big wedding that was taking place. Apparently a princess of some sort! We were really looking forward to vicariously experiencing a royal wedding but things did not go according to plan. I’m afraid I can only give four stars on communication. Every time we tried to ask about the royal wedding the staff seemed to get a haunted look of fear, turning pale and often simply running away.

I know security has to be an issue for this sort of event, but really!

Cleanliness: well, it is a crumbling ruin of a castle but all things considered, the staff were real troupers and our bed linens were crisp and the pale curtains that wafted in every passing breeze were beautifully embroidered and scrupulously maintained.

However, the big drawback was the helmet. I know you have probably seen some strange tales in the reviews over the years, but I think this may top them all. The morning of the royal wedding the bridegroom was crushed. I don’t mean metaphorically, like by a runaway bride either! There was this big honking helmet that seemed to fall from the sky! I mean maybe it was catapulted. I’m not sure. But everyone felt the impact and the poor bridegroom! Obliterated.

It was practically gothic!

Then there was some odd business with men tearing their shirts off and brandishing knives. Everyone grieves in their own way, I suppose. A mixed bag I guess. If management changes, I could probably see visiting again. YMMV! [3.5/5]



[Image via the British Library Flickr of course: The Castles and Abbeys of England … Illustrated by … engravings. BEATTIE, William – M.D, ALLOM, Thomas, ARCHER, John Wykeham, Bartlett, W. H. (William Henry)]

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