Absolute Twaddle: Monkey, Goat & Me

21 January, 2020 by katelaity

monkey goat conjurer edit

Monkey, Goat & Me

You’d think it easier than it was

To keep our act on track.

Monkey, goat & conjurer too;

T’was nothing that we lacked.

But monkey started on whisky

And the goat smoked Emmental,

Then I got hooked on fennugreek

Which didn’t help at all.

I thought it might help my baldness —

Or else relieve my gout —

But now we’re begging in the streets:

Could you help this trio out?

We can still do the magic tricks —

Just hold my ginger beer.

A tuppence or two, then we’re through

And we all three disappear.



[Image taken from page 517 of ‘W. H. Seward’s Travels around the World. Edited by O. R. Seward, etc’ 1857 via the British Library Flickr]


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