School Dazed

14 January, 2020 by katelaity

School Dazed (& Maybe Confused)

If you want to be somebunny
You have to go to school!
You have get your grammar
And you have to learn the rules.
The rules are that the big ones
Incommode the small,
And the middling ones
Who have no fun
Aren’t listened to at all.

Teacher wields the whip hand
To keep the lads quite meek.
The lasses who are left behind
Get knowledge on the sneak.
The aim of school is ignorance
For those who truly seek:
The old men fear
The pretty dears
Will find a voice to speak.




Illustration as always from the British Library Flickr: “The New Hyperion. From Paris to Marly by way of the Rhine … With … illustrations, etc” Edward Strachan, 1875.

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