A Christmas Fancy

24 December, 2019 by katelaity

xmas fancy (1)

Nobody’s Baby

When humour packs its bags

To travel from here to there —

Whether through time or space

Or pitching up anywhere —

Its wardrobe can be too flimsy

Or sometimes far too grim;

Disapproving looks abound

When decked in trifling whims.

Everyone sighs at Christmas

And complains to the skies above —

But sneer and wink at the season

And you’re the enemy of love!

Save your japes and chortles

For the ones who understand.

And to the rest pretend to share

Their love of ev’ry son of man.

Felicitations on the holiday season whatever your humour or none.


[Image as always via the British Library Flickr account. This seasonal offering of a humour volume that includes such knee slappers as ‘The Romance of the Physic Bottle’, ‘The Little Cripple [sic]’, and ‘The Three-Cornered Ghost’: A New Comic Annual. Nobody’s Baby. A Christmas fancy for maids, wives, etc. London, 1863]

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