Interlude: Halloween Steed


29 October, 2019 by katelaity

fairy cat macdonald
Halloween Steed

Devil’s Night approaches

We must prepare to ride!

Saddle up my mighty steed

Then you fly by my side.

We’ve mischiefs many to perform

And milk to sour and curdle!

My mighty frightful spooky steed

Will bound o’er every hurdle.

Beware, poor humans shuddering:

Our folk will fill the hills!

Spirit lights will give you frights

And wyrd magic give you chills.

Stay safe inside: the veils are thin!

For we do not ride alone,

Your ghostly friends and foes and kin

Do gather ’round your home.



[Image from Phantastes: a faerie romance … A new edition, George MacDonald,  1894 via the British Library Flickr]

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