Interlude: Ghostly


22 October, 2019 by katelaity


Do you hear that tune uncanny?

It seems uncommonly near.

A mournful wyrd old melody

Coming from just behind my ear.

I have no guilty conscience!

Poor Evie: she chose her end.

I left her high and dry (in tears, true):

It was she who wandered the fens!

Is this my everlasting fate

To hear her pluck that lyre?

A cad I might have been, a churl:

But you could never say a liar.



[Gratitude as always to the bounteous treasures of the British Library Flickr account: this gem from Festival of Song: a series of Evenings with the Poets. Prepared by the author of “Salad for the Solitary” … (F. Saunders). With … pictures by Members of the National Academy of Design. Engraved by Bobbett and Hooper, 1866.]



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