Interlude: Hope (Feathers Not Required)

3 September, 2019 by katelaity

fairy bending

Hope (Feathers Not Required But Helpful)

Hope, a thing with feathers,

So Emily did opine.

They help to get it off the ground —

A lift from time to time.

For hope can be a downcast mite

Who bends to darker climes.

I always find it challenging

To raise from the supine —

Raising spirits takes much more

When one does not incline

Toward sunny dispositions but

To melancholic recline.

Bend not to the water’s edge

But  with the flower entwine.

Hope may not have wings but you

Will see it shine.

[Image as always via the British Library: Songs from the Old Dramatists, collected and edited by A. S. Richardson, 1873. Illustrations by J. La Farge.]

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