Interlude: Call Bou

23 July, 2019 by katelaity



When you don’t know what to do,
Call Bou.

When the fates conspire against you,
Call Bou.

The Queen of the Iceni
Killed eighty thousand twenty.

When her mood was raging
And her chariot rampaging:

Paulinus rued the day
He stood in her way.

Channel all her power
In your needful hour.

When your thoughts are blue
Call Bou.

All your enemies pursue
Like Bou.

Be seen like a queen.

[Another lovely image from the British Library Flickr account: Voyage aux Châteaux historiques des Vosges septentrionales … Illustré de 207 dessins originaux

Author: GANIER, Henry – and FROELICH (Jules) — 1889]

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