Elfin Magic

2 July, 2019 by katelaity

dragon reading grimoire

Magic is such a bother.
It seldom turns out right.
You shape a little glow worm
But it glares all through the night.

Grimoires are so exacting;
Their recipes so grim
Summon elf or fairy and
You’ll ne’er get rid of him!

Perchance if one’s a dragon
The elves will mind their ways.
The threat of fire, not brimstone,
Is all that works these days.

Perhaps the books of magic
Are not meant for those like me;
Conjure spells and charms galore?
No: just have a cup of tea!

tirgearr july

Image via the British Library, of course: Belle and the Dragon. An elfin comedy [1894] by Arthur Waite (yes, that A. E. Waite).
Yes, I know I said I was giving up this persona, but I’m not sure I can. Besides, Absolute Twaddle must go on…

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