Interlude: The Puddle

8 January, 2019 by katelaity

whale tails ed

The Puddle

I chanced upon a small Person

Who was staring at a Puddle.

So intently did they gaze in it

I mused: Must be in a muddle.

Inquiring what was sought down there

The Person turned quite pale.

It seemed that in those shallow depths

They had once glimpsed a Whale.

Do not laugh! The sight was grim

And long horror prevailed.

I lingered there in hopes that I

Might glimpse the fearful tail.

A Puddle you might think as small

Reflecting only blue,

But I am here to tell you—‘ware—

The Puddle gazes into you!

So careful when you see a splash

Of rain that’s pooled together.

You may find a Whale—or worse!—

In that sort of Weather.

[Image via the British Library, of course]


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