Interlude: Mermaid Tales

30 October, 2018 by katelaity

Mermaid and octowoman ed
I wouldn’t steer you wrong, my dearie,
But I see the way you yearn.
You think that men are fascinating —
There’s so much you must learn.

They’re creatures who when given gold,
Fight to death to keep it close.
You can’t eat silver or gold or tin,
When it’s food you need the most.

They live to hate and hate to live–
and think everything’s a sin.
When it comes to wielding magic,
Why! You’ve got more in one fin.

Look at how they drool at gold
Yet never glance at beauty.
They murmur hopeless platitudes
Like faith and hope and duty.

But when it comes to live these words,
They simply shrug then squabble.
Stay here, swim free, live magically
Among the shining baubles.


[Illustration via the British Library, of course! Image taken from page 34 of ‘The Story of the Mermaiden. Adapted from the German of Hans Andersen, by E. Ashe. Illustrated by Laura Troubridge.]


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