Interlude: The Bogey Owl


14 November, 2017 by katelaity

bogey owl enhanced.jpg


Child, you must sleep through the night.
Forget your fears, turn out that light!
For those who wander through the house,
Creep up the stairs like homely mouse,
Will find a creature waiting there;
Its habits most peculiar!

The bogey owl has hands to grab,
Wings to soar, its talons stab.
Need I mention that pointy beak?
It will snap if you dare speak.

So little child stay in your bed,
Squish your pillow, hide your head.
If something shrieks in the night,
Close your eyes very tight,
And whisper to the howling winds
Bogey Owl, don’t come in!

[Illustration by P. Burne-Jones from the ever-useful British Library Flickr account; originally from Edith Henrietta Fowler(?!)’s The Young Pretenders (1895). Get the PDF of the book here.]


One thought on “Interlude: The Bogey Owl

  1. Love this! 🙂 As a particular fancier of owls, this has become my new favorite bogey monster.

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