The Plan, Such As It Is

3 June, 2015 by katelaity

BL werewolfI have been neglectful of conveying news but I should alert you to forthcoming bounty: I plan to wrap up the serial Airships & Alchemy very soon and in one fell swoop. Those who are reading along at WattPad are a bit behind those reading here, but you haven’t had to exert the same patience.

I am also hoping to complete the next of the Breton Lais this summer. Blood Moon has had to face delays because other more rebellious projects shoved their way in front of that adventure without so much as a by your leave. But I know that you will be interested to read more of the exploits of the poor wolfish knight Bisclavret and I shall be glad to rescue him from his current and bitterly lamented state.

It is a bit vexing to have so many ideas, so much adventure and so little time. I am certain you can all relate. I shall endeavour to please as quickly as I can between competing demands upon my attention, because of course I am eager to start a new project (always).

I have enjoyed my time spent with the intrepid Helen and her raven Tuppence, and of course with the alchemist Maggiormente and perhaps even more so Eduardo, his Venentian Lion. They are so much fun.


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