Out Now: Knight of the White Hart


20 January, 2015 by katelaity

Knight of the White Hart by Kathryn Marlow  - 500

Knight of the White Hart by Kathryn Marlowe

Guigemar is a Breton knight who fights alongside King Arthur. His excels in all the courtly arts save one: he has always scorned love. Returning home the knight goes hunting with a friend and shoots a white deer. The arrow bounces back to wound him, too. The doe curses him: the wound will never heal until he meets a woman who will love him truly and suffer for that love like no one ever has ever suffered before. Mad with pain he stumbles to the shore where a stunning ship sails him away, despite lacking a crew. He tosses and turns in fevered dreams until he awakes to find the most beautiful woman he has ever seen peering in at him.

And there his real troubles begin. ~

Great old fashioned romance — ‘The Middle Ages: when ‘romance’ meant adventure!’

Hop on over to Tirgearr to choose your format. Or click for Amazon UK or Amazon US.

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