The Big Spin will be out September 12th!

24 June, 2014 by katelaity

Adele's lovely backgarden

Adele’s lovely back garden

Apologies for no episode this week — very busy weekend in Leicester networking and indulging (well, one make you crave the other and when in London, do not pass up the opportunity for some lovely cake in the crypt). But good news having a release date for the next Constance & Collier adventure!

I was slow to take up Pinterest, but I have to say I found it very useful for visual references for writing The Big Spin. Check out my Constance & Collier board and feel free to suggest pins for me. The next adventure will probably be The Big Sport so if you come across 20s/30s images of sporting men and women, do let me know! Rugby, cricket, football of course — but also badminton and croquet!


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