Interlude: The Condor Passes

16 March, 2014 by katelaity

CondorIn the rocky Andes lives the Condor

(or in Latin, that’s Vultur gryphus);

Of other birds are people generally fonder

But this noble scavenger wouldn’t miss us.

A ruff of white feathers and a head of flesh

Top a body that’s lean and grisly.

Feathers with corpses do not well mesh,

When they’re cleaning a carcass busily.

A red shade of eye and a broad span of wings

Makes the condor prove most vivid.

If I mentioned the nature of its cloacal things*

You’d doubtless become quite livid.

But it doesn’t dissuade the vulture miss

Who’s wooed by a male who inflates his neck.

They dance, he wattles, and then both of them hiss

Then settle on their nest with a loving peck.

Who says romance is dead? It was probably a Condor.

Without a dead cow now and then, she would probably wander.





*per Wikipedia — “Like other New World Vultures, the Andean Condor has the unusual habit of urohidrosis: it often empties its cloaca onto its legs and feet.”

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