The Big Glitch

17 January, 2014 by katelaity

Alas! Glitches on Amazon.

K. A. Laity

“There is a crack in everything;
That’s how the light gets in.”
Leonard Cohen, Anthem

The Big Splash by Kit Marlowe - 500I was pleased to announce my latest publication yesterday, The Big Splash, a novella by my alter ego Kit Marlowe. It’s a bit ironic that this breezy, madcap adventure has run into a bit of a limbo problem. While you can get it in a variety of formats (including a Kindle-ready mobi) at Smashwords (go on, go get it) it’s not showing up on Amazon yet due to a glitch.

This is a problem.

While Smashwords is great (and you can buy the same files you would get from other sites for the same price) most people go to Amazon. It’s not a monopoly; it’s the thing next door to it though. You can Google a bunch of opinions about why Amazon does what it does and seeks to completely control the means…

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