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30 September, 2013 by katelaity


Our exciting episodes with the airship captain and the alchemist will return anon, but I wanted to alert you to a couple of things: first, it’s the return and further adventures of Constance & Collier, my intrepid (and slightly Wodehouse-ish) flirty flapper and her completely unflappable matron of the domicile. The Big Splash will be out early in 2014 from Tirgearr Publishing, who also published The Mangrove Legacy. As soon as I have cover art, I will share it! On my over-filled agenda is the next novella, set in Monte Carlo. Hmmm, a research trip should be required.

The other thing to mention is “the next big thing” here on the blog, which will be taking over once Airships & Alchemy completes. A bit of a change of pace, it will be in a rather different form, too — poetry! The title I’m going with:

Absolute Twaddle
A Compendium of Unlikely Balderdash

I hope it will be completed in rather less time than the serials tend to take, so it can be out sometimes next year. What sort of things will it include? I’m so glad you asked. Things like this:


There was a princess name of Sophie
And she had a little pig.
It wasn’t very clever
And it wasn’t very big.
But it was just as loyal
As the day is long,
It could whistle, it could dance
And it could sing a little song.
“Pig,” said Princess Sophie,
“Let’s go to Bangalore!
We’ll see Dido, Queen of Cabbage
And we’ll take a river tour.”
“Splendid,” said the little pig,
“Let’s go across the sea,
With tortoises and porpoises,
And jellyfish for tea.”
They sailed across the ocean’s span
On many a cresting wave,
And washed ashore near Bangalore,
Inside an enchanted cave.
“Pig,” said Princess Sophie,
“Such treasures wait for us.
Let’s load our pockets with gold and jewels
And spend them on a bus!”
“Perfect,” said the little pig,
“A bus with big red wheels!
We’ll cross the land with a Flemish band
And six electric eels!”
The merry group in one fell swoop
Raced across the rugged lands.
They picked up a lonesome tiger
Who juggled voles on the shifting sands.
“Pig,” said Princess Sophie,
“I see it’s getting quite late.
If we don’t turn back home real soon,
They might lock the garden gate.”
“Nonsense,” said the little pig,
but it turned a shade more pink.
“What we need is a red balloon
that runs on India ink.”
Dido, Queen of Cabbage had
That very thing to lend,
And they sailed away at bedtime,
Waving ‘bye to all their friends.
“I’ve had the most amazing day,”
Sophie told the King and Queen.
“Pig and I went everywhere
— and we’ve seen everything!”
“Pig,” yawned tired Sophie,
“What will tomorrow bring?”
“Magic,” said the little pig,
“Flying horses and fairy rings.”
“Pig,” said drowsy Sophie,
as she closed her eyes to sleep,
“It doesn’t matter in the least,
As long as you’re with me.”

For Sophie

Sophie hat


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