News for the New Year

6 January, 2013 by katelaity

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The first news of course is that new episodes will be returning! I’m sure you’ve been too busy over the holidays to read much anyway — or sobbing now that they are over either because you’re returning to work or because you’re now broke.

My sympathies! I have to leave Scotland 😦

I will cheer myself up by getting back to the fun adventures: after all we left Helen and her father in the midst of a revelation — the Lintons are back and ready for a challenge. What have they got up their sleeves? And can you believe that Helen and the alchemist are finally about to meet? Fireworks for sure — but will they be only the literal kind?

If you’re wanting to catch up on the reading, may I suggest ambling over to Wattpad. I’m in the process of reposting the serial over there from the beginning, which is helping remind me of some things that slipped to the back of my mind and may need to return to the front of it. Too many stories juggling around up there. Good thing I have notes!

Final bit of news is not yet here: I hope to have something new to tell you about The Mangrove Legacy. Fingers crossed!


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