The Mangrove Legacy Reviewed

28 April, 2012 by katelaity

The fabulous Adele over at UnBound had some lovely things to say about my comic Gothic tome, The Mangrove Legacy. I blush with pride:

This is a slightly silly book. There are kidnappings, pirates, ghosts and several swoonings, a light tone, a little romance and a very silly girl called Alice, with a far more sensible cousin called Lizzie. The Mangrove Legacy is a comedy gothic romance and it’s a joy. Extremely well written with some very entertaining asides from the author, especially early on and around Alice’s character, it’s a book you can fly through in a relaxing, self indulgent afternoon…

Read the whole review over at their fine site, the nexus for all things speculative and fun. And of course, you can get your own copy of The Mangrove Legacy quite easily in electronic or print form.




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