14 March, 2012 by katelaity

I have been featured this week at two different locations: first, I had an excerpt up for Six Sentence Sunday, the meme that’s just as advertised. It comes from my Jazz Age London story, The Big Splash. Enjoy the little excerpt here and the little intro that mentions the wonderful writers who influenced that story.

The other place I’ve been is over at the Broad Pod. Broad Universe is an organisation to promote speculative fiction works by women around the world. The Pod is naturally enough a podcast from the same folks: this month’s pod has Humour as its topic, so there I am reading from The Mangrove Legacy. Enjoy.

Of course you can always drop by the serial Airships & Alchemy and catch up on what Helen Rochester the intrepid airship captain and Alessandro Maggiormente the alchemist are getting up to as well as every one’s favourite Venetian lion, Eduardo.


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