Glorious Galway

9 December, 2011 by katelaity

How is that not glorious? Well, it is to be sure. It’s hard to take a bad photo of Galway. The dramatic seascape on Salthill always provides me with some delights. The sky, too, offers wonderful images.

This is where I like to walk along the sea and just idle. That’s the greatest gift of this time in Galway: the freedom to idle. I am doing work: I’m giving a talk on Tuesday. And I am gathering research for my spring course. If you’re a writer, why not take my survey about the writer’s life in the digital age? I want to get your thoughts — is it all gloom and doom, or nothing but blue skies for you? Chances are it’s somewhere in between, I suppose.

It’s getting nearer to Xmas and the annual Xmas market is out in Eyre Square. I can see the tents from my kitchen window. There are lots of crowds and the colorful lights add a touch of romance to the square. It’s odd for me to not be a Grinch (especially looking down upon the square at all the noise noise noise) but I guess I am too happy to begrudge anyone their fun. I might even take a spin on the carousel.

I hope to get some fun writing done over the holidays while I’m in Scotland. That’s the plan anyway. I have so many stories whirling around in my head. There are a couple of academic things I need to complete (one’s already badly over due >_<) but my mind is all stories, not analysis. That’s what Ireland does; it is the land of magic, of poets, of magpies. I find myself smiling all the time as I walk along the streets of Galway. I’m just soaking it all in. It will become work eventually, just not yet. Besides, who can contemplate work after a breakfast like this?


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