The Good News


8 August, 2010 by katelaity

Tease Publishing is going to release The Mangrove Legacy this November or December. Initially it will be an ebook, though there is the possibility of a print release if sales are brisk enough. Of course that means that I will not be able to post the end of the story here, but for long time readers, I will happily send you the final chapters to tide you over until that time. The book will appear under the byline “Kit Marlowe” which is the name I will be using for stories that fall in the romance genre. Stephanie Johnson has created this lovely portrait for my nom de plume, a combination of vintage fashions and my own puss.

This also means a new serial! I’m going to take off the rest of August to contemplate the possibilities (and attend to a few other pressing matters) but I will be interested to hear what you would like to see: more Gothic? Regency? Victorian? Steam punk? Modern? I just don’t know! At this point I am undecided — take the opportunity to sway me šŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “The Good News

  1. The Queen says:

    Congrats!!Howzabout Modern Steampunk Gothic for the next on…?


  3. K. A. Laity says:

    @The Queen — Well, if it's steampunk it can't really be modern…? But steampunk is a definite possibility. More League-ish perhaps.@Cranky — check your email šŸ˜€

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